Friday, January 27

Google In China

The Outrageous

Google has introduced itself to the massive market in China with an eye on the profits...and
raising the ire of developed countries around the world...

Honestly i dont see any difference between the way Singapore and China are run...both countries have tight media restrictions...controlled freedom of speech and are both ranked on the wrong ends of the
Worldwide Press Freedom Index...

Countries ranked towards the bottom 100 of the index are in danger of disintegratin into media freedom these countries an independent media either does not exist or journalists are persecuted and censored on a daily basis...freedom of information and the safety of journalists are not guaranteed there....continuin war has made Iraq the most deadly place on earth for journalists in recent years...with hundreds of journalists injured...kidnapped or killed every year...

1 Denmark 0,50
9 New Zealand 0,67
41 Australia 9,50
147 Singapore 57,00
148 Iraq 58,50
149 Côte d’Ivoire 60,38
150 Pakistan 61,75
160 Nepal 84,00
161 Vietnam 86,88
162 China 92,33

Singapore is ranked just above Iraq...says a lot bout the country does it? Im bloody ashamed to have grown up and be educated there...

But without openin another can of worms...i honestly cant see China's policy of self-censorship being practised for too long...with 100 million users currently glued to the Internet...and numbers predicted to jump almost two-fold to 187 million users...China will not be able keep its close-minded and shallow thinkin behind closed doors...i just can see them bowin to the might of the Western world and openin itself up...the Chinese Government's mantra of 'We are big you are small' bubble will burst one day...

China's self-censorship is an extremely bad example for her citizens as it denies China's huge population access to information around the denies them the freedom of expression...denies people the knowledge they crave for and for all the Chinese government claim self-censorship to's definitely a step back as only Democracy (or in my perfect world Fundamentalism)...not the only way forward...

Gota hand it to Google btw...with their shares risin sharply and their investors laughin all the way to the bank...and its successful online mapping search engine (
Google Earth) and video store (Google Video)...Google's desire to conquer the information world is startin to look a lot like the Roman Empire stretchin itself out too thin...i cannot justify Google's decision to sell out to the chinese people just for some green backs...surely there're other ways to make money? Google for bitin off more than it can it is Europe is already afraid of Google's dominance and are designin their own brand of search engine...

Takin a leaf out of my good mate Joe Gordon's's a look at what a typical Chinaman (haha i had to use searches for in

Search for: 'breasts', 'porn', 'fuck', 'pussy'
Search results:

Search for: 'Communist is dead', 'Democracy rulezzz'
Search results:

Search for: 'Slant eyes', 'flat-chested', 'no speak English', 'blindfold a Chink with a thread'
Search results:

Time will tell if Google and China snap themselves out of hibernation and see the real world with bedroom eyes...

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