Saturday, January 21

Another Net Geek Bites The Dust

The Misfit

Dearest PapaHotNuts,

in response to your smart arse comment on yours truly,

"Just so people don't work themselves up into a frenzy over "adrock2xander" comments, the guy is Asian. Or he squints a lot. If you go to his blog site, there is a picture of a slightly overweight, possibly homosexual, Asian guy. It actually makes his comments kinda funny, in a weird Asian-bashing sort of way. Maybe Meg Ryan could adopt him, feed him some Slim-Fast, remove the bandana from his head, and then teach him where to find a vagina on a woman's body."

i wish you a Happy Thanksgivin for sheer and utter ignorance on your part...I really admire people who post without a URL...lots of guts there really...hidin behind your mother perhaps? Or are you still 16?

Pictures lie and 5'11" and 177 pounds...i wonder if this is your one chance to redeem yourself what with your weekly visits to the Weight Lost Center...or is pickin on someone's size your only trick? You are a One Trick Pony...and you've got a long way to go with subtle attacks mate...

A vagina? i had so much sex i had syphillis in my early 20s...or did you not read one of my better posts?

And just because some Caucasians can be/are racists doesnt mean Asians arent subjected to their opinions too...

Now who's the bigoted tranny?

I don't know about your crazy Asian culture but having syphillis isn't anything to brag about. Now get me a mai tai. CHOP CHOP
So let me get this straight... you claim that papahotnuts is basically a coward, yet you don't allow unmoderated comments? That automatically negates your post's intent. That's like screaming "LET ME AT 'EM!!!" as soon as the police show.
Hi noob, learn how to browse the blog before making a non-important non-asian comment.
The blog template has changed since then you moron. Pre-change meant that anyone could leave a comment and called himself ANONYMOUS. Now, everyone needs to go through me as i'm sick and tired of random people thinking they're all that.

Now will you excuse me please, your mom's pussy needs some attending to.

Cheers mate.
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