Saturday, December 24

What's All The Fuss About?

Christmas in Melbourne's quite different from elsewhere...not only is the Southern Hemisphere screwin up the common notion that a beautiful Christmas only exists with snow (it's summer now)...Melburnians also like the idea of queuin up for some lame ass exhibition right smack in the middle of the city...

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The queue starts at Bourke Street along Myer...and snakes all the way to the corner of Elizabeth and Bourke...formin a chain of human outside GPO shoppin mall...

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The smart ones with the money on not queuin can easily avoid the ocean of people and walk along the cordoned off area and take little peeks...

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And the big fuss? 12 days of Christmas...with a glass display dedicated to each day...with the complete repertoire of mechanical gnomes and movin presents...

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How comepletely juvenile...and a waste of public doubt another expensive commercial attempt to convince gullible children that Kris Kringle aka Santa Claus actually exists...

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I'd rather walk along the tram lines that sits in the Bourke Street plaza...heaps of space...and if they're not droppin poo on my head ive all the time in the world to feed the bloody pigeons...enjoy the Christmas lightin...and perhaps spread some Christmas cheer to those who genuinely need gifts i.e me...

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