Sunday, November 13

Sleepy Town All Over Again Part Two

Lester (in blue)
Blogs. Farmers. Futures. Money. Hilarious...this chap is gold.
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Busy in the kitchen
Of course, Chris wasnt the only chef. Everyone chipped in.
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Safety in numbers
The kids stuck with each doubt feelin threatened by this tatooed topless Asian who's walkin around with a camera...
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All the hustle and bustle got to the poor family dog. People were busy tryin to avoid steppin on him...
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micheLe and i
She's so pretty. Im so handsome.
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Jess's cake
Cool Sue made the cake. Good effort there!
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The sun be have gone down...but the lesbian all female action never stops!
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More Nightfall never stops...
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The lights are pretty
I liked the colorful lights Jess...nice touch...or are they always there? haha...
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Kids got bored of all the adult conversations outside. So they got comfortable and watched Meg Ryan lip-synchin to an animated Walt Disney character...
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Jess came runnin to me..."Hey John you wana take a picture of a possum?" Sure!
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A long train
Food is served...self service everyone
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Shut eye for the straight eye
Siãn and Nelson sleepin. Gold.
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Birthday girl and handsome man
Who's that crazy man wearin a straw hat in the dead of the night?
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Alex, Siãn and Chris
I was only tryin to take a picture of beautiful Alex...shame on you Siãn and Chris! :)
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Someone call the firefighters!
Fire! Fire! It's so heartwarmin to see so many people celebrate someone's 21st. I remember my 21st. It was cold. I was alone. Helpless. Good times.
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So while people gave their speeches...the crowd gaped in awe. I wanted to speak too, but i thought how funny it'd be if an Asian spoke English. So i controlled myself.
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Im buggered
Hey even the most battle-hardened soldier needs a recharge...
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Thank you for your invite Chris, but i wont be there for Christmas. It's my first Christmas away from my family and i'd like to cook up a Christmas feast at home with some friends. There's always next year. And i'll definitely be back...coz i need to get those rare wines!

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