Sunday, November 13

Sleepy Town All Over Again Part One

So ive been puttin off the pictures in Echuca last week...too busy y'know...people lead lives...billz to pay...mouths to feed...not everything's bout my trip up north...

Haha i sound like that big a jerk? Well im just a reallly good procrastinator...

First things first...again...i'd like to thank the Noske-Turner family for havin micheLe and i (among 50-odd other folks) over at their sprawlin home for the weekend...the cookin and the plannin...the invites and the did we make it to Sunday mornin i dont know... deepest apologies to Marg...ive heard how upset you were when i took a picture of ya neighbour's beautiful flowers and went harpin on about it...i meant to take some shots of the house on Sunday mornin...but i completely forgot! Forgive me...i promise you...there'll always be another time :) were a champ...from pickin us up...and ferryin us around like we were some A-list actors...the sendin us were all too nice...are you runnin for President anytime soon? I'll vote for you!

Forthly...Emily...first time it was a blessin...second time it's a curse...ive never said goodbye to you...why are you never home on Sunday when i leave? You may think im rude now...

Fifthly...hey Jess...your relatives are weird...i mean...good weird...a conversation with Lester started from blogs to farmin to futures to money to kids and back to futures again...if this is the kinda conversations you furry friends have all the in.. :)

Now that the obligatories are done...let's move on...

Posin with our trusty steads
One of those rare moments where our hands werent busy swattin flies off our faces...
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Helmet on a Girl
Emily's so nice and patient with micheLe...
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A Leap of Faith
A big city girl...micheLe's virgin attempt to get on Bucky was a disaster...
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Hansel and Gretel
Another shot where we werent swattin flies off our faces...haha... of course...i wasnt wearin a helmet again coz my head was too big...dont get mad Marg :)
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Oh My Port!
We went shoppin for wine that could only be found in Echuca. I love pre-meal drink...
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And they like the funnies
One stop solution to all your illnesses...port with a dose of humor
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Massive Brunch
The eatery claimed no one could finish this breakfast in one sittin. They lied.
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Giant lolly shop
I went about takin shots of scenes i didnt have the opportunity to take the previous time i was here. micheLe got excited at the huge lolly shop.
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Bought a straw hat. I didnt look out of place in the dusty heat.
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They're still there
Paddlesteamers havnt changed since the mid 1850s...they're still solid and dependable...
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Campin Ground
Headin home...we found the house a hotbed of noise. Guests were fillin in. Some decided to camp out in the huge family backyard. Flies and mosquitos at night? Pass the peas please...
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Seekin refuge from the heat
Kids were splashin in the pool. It got kinda overcrowded for my likin as the afternoon wore on...
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50-odd guests...and so many friends to make. Blokes (some hairier than others haha...cheers Ben) with beer in hand...
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More millin
Or chicks tryin their best to look pretty...they came in heels and makeup...i was topless and in a towel...nuff said...
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The Patio
Mmmm...there's Chris tryin to impress everyone with his delicious need to try too hard've won us over :)
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