Friday, October 21

More Evidence Of RMIT Communications Ball 2005
Profitting BIG TIME through eBay: 74 days left.

I stumbled upon
Emily's blog while browsin through the Media students' blogs...Emily is the girlfriend of of Professional Communication's best writers...Frazer had gone around on Ball night takin pictures of are some gems...

Her picture descriptions for Frazer's pictures were hilarious...

Image hosted by
Image hosted by

LMFAO...i dont know what to think...Emily's sense of humor...or the fact that Tenille and Adrianna (pretty ladies on left and right of Frazer) are the furthest things from sluts...or micheLe's not even in RMIT...or im not just 'some Prof Comm people'...damnit im adrock2xander...

LOL im goin back to read more funny shit from Emily's blog...

Btw honey you look very pretty in the picture :)

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