Saturday, October 15

Image Servers - Nightmare Onto Itself?
Profitting BIG TIME through eBay: 80 days left.

One of the problems of usin a public image server like is the fact that you're totally reliant on its stability...the moment Photobucket gives in to system maintenance or somethin of the likes...your blog just caves in..

Consider this...ive made very picture-intensive posts in the last 8 days in light of the Communications stated in Part One of the post...i knew what i was gettin myself into when i put up 5 or 6 high quality pictures each in the region of 120MB for each post...that's over 600MB for every post! *gasp* It's amazin how much bandwidth im eatin up...if Photobucket's runnin blog runs like a tortoise too...

Strangely enough...i was discussin the possibility of usin an alternate image server with micheLe over the weekend...not like she cares lol...she likens my blog as my little pet project...but has no wish to get involved...anyway...the possibility of even upgradin to Photobucket Premium is indeed currently livin off 3 Photobucket accounts...yeah that's how picture-intensive my blog is...

Come to think of's incredibly ridiculous how im eatin up so much space in the space of 18 months yet be at the whim of some overpaid bureaucrats who couldnt give a rat's ass bout their better off payin a little sum of money and have more control over my pictures and my bandwidth...

Other free image hostin sites such as and do offer the flexibility of usin the sites as random 'drop-offs' for ya pictures...but i do not like the idea of sharin my pictures with other people...Photobucket's idea of a password protected individual account is perfect for all those who want privacy and arent in a rush to get that picture out now...if you know what i mean...

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