Thursday, September 1

"Yes I Can Read"
adrock2xander is 7 months 2 days without a cigarette.
Profitting BIG TIME through eBay: 121 days left.

so says Victoria of Beckham fame...

After allegations that the mother of 3
doesnt read...Victoria has answered the scathin attacks on her intellectual with a prosaic "I always start them, get distracted, and never seem to get the time to finish. I'm sure all mothers with three boys know what I mean."

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Im sorry...but i dont agree with you...

In any sense of normalcy any normal parents holdin a proper stable job and are livin in the First World would never have 3 kids within 6 years unless ya:

a) freakin rich
b) freakin rich
c) freakin rich
d) all of the above

It costs just too much to have kids these days...we adults barely have enough time for ourselves...3 kids in 6 years? I rather have my sperm ducts neutered than suffer...

The Beckhams of coz arent normal people...if my gay husband was earnin over 100,000 Sterling Pounds a week just by kickin a fuckin soccer ball would i even bother to read?

*sarcasm* I'll be too busy makin babies!

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