Thursday, September 29

A Vampire Slayer Post
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You know how the term 'stumbling upon' becomes overused? Well im gona have to use it again...

What with Joss Whedon fever grippin the entire world...i'd stumbled upon this
excellent article on everyone's favorite Vampire on the opinions of 3 Buffy experts...great and fascinatin readin...ive done enough to convince nay-sayers for once i guess...for those who still doubt the powers of the Buffyverse...i suggest you ingest some live bullets...

On the topic of vampires...

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...the Melbourne police are seekin the public to assist them with the murder of a vampire over 2 years ago...

Incredulous...could Melbourne be sittin on a Hellmouth? Does a Vampire Slayer live amongst our midst? Watch this space...

Remember...Serenity opens it and be a Joss Whedon convert!

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