Monday, September 26

I'm A Browncoat
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I am a soldier of the Independent Faction...a body opposed to the AngloSino Alliance in the Unification War. In 2511, our forces were defeated at the Battle of Serenity Valley on planet Hera. Us Browncoats were forced to live as galactic outcasts...skimmin the outskirts of the galaxy unnoticed until one fine day...we find outselves caught between the unstoppable military force of the Universal Alliance and the horrific... cannibalistic fury of the Reavers - savages who roam the very edge of space.

If you're still followin me...well done. You must be either a fan of a) sci-fi or b) the short-lived television series Firefly...
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Firefly is the brainchild of the man genius Joss Whedon...who also created my favorite televison show Buffy the Vampire Slayer and her spin-off 2002 the series appeared in the fall of US's FOX network...only for it to be cancelled after just 11 episodes...citin poor ratings...

Those morons...FOX network...together with the Emmy voters...must really like fuckin around with Joss...i guess as one of Hollywood's most talented writers...a man's threshold can only tolerate so many Emmy snubs and television show what did Joss do? Make a movie based on the Firefly...

Of coz...if you were never a fan of Buffy or could never understand the pain us fans of the Buffyverse had to put up with...but now...after 2 years of determined clamorin...Joss vision of the world's future is finally out in the big screen...

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Serenity is possibly his magnum opus...the script is tight...and similarly to Buffy and chockful of comedy and drama played by characters us viewers actually do care a lot takes a deft hand to traverse the thin line between TV fandom and casual viewer...and Joss succeeds tremendously in this area...Serenity doesnt need the flashy CGI that has the protaganists talkin to a blue screen (are you listenin Lucas and Spielberg?) or thousands and millions of foul ogres and Uruk-Hais (attention Peter Jackson) to warrant attention...many Firefly fans in the US unanimously agree that viewers need not have watched Firefly to enjoy Serenity...reviewers from respected magazines and papers even quoted that "this was how Star Wars was supposed to be"...i dont wana draw similarities between the two shows...but i guess for Serenity to be compared with the Star Wars universe is indeed a mark of greatness...

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The amazing cast of Firefly. Is this the new Buffyverse us fans are craving for?

Recognition for Joss's works are indeed overdue...Buffy and Angel never got the respect it truly deserved...indeed it's much deeper and immersive than your run-of-the-mill West Wing or Sopranos...thousands of philosophers and scholars around the world who study Buffyverse will testify to that Emmy voters...

If this is indeed Joss's year of reckonin...the world had better sat up and taken notice...Buffy fans will no longer have to tolerate cynical heckles of non-fans who chuckle at the thought of a blonde chick who saves the world...also do watch out for the upcoming DC comic legend
Wonder Woman...produced and scripted who else by Joss himself...

Serenity opens worldwide on September 30.

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