Tuesday, September 20

Brownlow over Emmys? Cryin over Ashes? WTF!
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It's been such a depressin week for Aussie sports scene this week...depressin enough for a grown man to cuss a blue streak...well...at least for me...

Of coz...the world continues to scratch their heads at how no one in Aussie gives a flyin fuck bout the world's most loved game (read: soccer)...givin their attention instead to a testosterone-charged physical sport that is the hybrid of rugby and wrestling (read: Aussie Rules? Australian Football? Footy? Fag sport? Whatever?) or a racket sport that's the poor cousin of baseball and a yawn-fest (read: Cricket)...

Of coz...when i mention depressin week..i meant how the indomitable Australians
lost the Ashes Series to the English 2 weekends back...how excitin...a sport that has numbers rackin up to the hundreds...cheery blokes dressed in white...swattin and throwin balls that only a mutant with slow-mo vision could see...and wtf is the Ashes anyway? Is that not the lamest name ever for a lame game that captivates only 2 types of audiences: English (and their distant English colony Australia) and misunderstood/poor Third World black countries (Pakistan and Bangladesh)...

And how bout Aussie Rules? Which ingenious freckled Englishman pioneered this gay ass sport? Australians are fuckin mad bout their national game...and i cant agree more with them...Aussies are fuckin mad...when quizzed why they prefer Aussie Rules over the appeal of soccer...my fellow Aussie mates mention "soccer is too difficult to play"...right...that's why David Beckham earns A$30 million a year and is worshipped all over the world...really difficult indeed...

Speakin of mad...you absolutely cant top yesterday's buzz on the fuckin hullaballoo stirred up by the
Brownlow Medal Awards...yeah that's right...Brownlow...WTF is that? I got on Google...and it turned out to be some medal awarded annually to an Aussie Rules player who was deemed the 'Best and Fairest' over the course of an entire season...

Someone call the Care Police please! It's all balderdash to me...arrivin in uni this mornin...it seemed like Aussies had the Brownlow hangover...everyone's talkin bout it...i couldnt believe my freakin ears...they prefer to watch the Brownlow Award over the delayed telecast of Emmy 2005!! How scandalous! When the storm of the Brownlow hogwash blows over...i hope they'd have realised what a wonderful show they'd missed...oh btw kudos to one of my favorite sitcoms Everybody Loves Raymond...some of the Emmy wins were lonnnnnnng overdue...thank you for makin me laugh heaps for nine years...thank you for the memories...

I did find a good reason to read up on the Brownlow Awards though...this chick caught my attention:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

That's Australian model Rebecca Twigley and some random guy...*sweats and sings* Get My Rocks Off Becky!!! *Rushes off to the bathroom*

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