Sunday, August 28

'Big Brother - In The Zoo'?
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In a throw back to our Neanderthal days and perhaps another desperate attempt to rehash the borin formula that is Big Brother...the London Zoo's new attraction this week arent the usual feral animals we humans are familar with...oh wait...they are...coz they walk on 2 limbs...are ambi-dexterous and arent able to tie shoelaces with their feet...

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We're talkin bout humans here...

Anthropological or not...if this is an attempt to challenge the Darwinian theory of human evolution or just another reminder of how our DNA's only 1% different from our ape cousins...then this joke has gotten a bit too far...surely the London Zoo doesnt need to resort to tricks like this to rake in more profits...

Yeah...WTF? Someone from the London Zoo please explain
this to me...

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