Wednesday, July 20

I am the Jude-minator! Feel the Wrath of my sexy Penis!

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Still from the film Alfie - Sienna Miller and Jude Law

So Sienna and Jude are kinda on the rocks...yeah Jude cheated on Sienna...but this is Hollywood...Sienna must have been livin in La-La Land...coz in her perfect world Hollywood engagements/marriages are for life...

If i looked anythin like Jude...i would so fuckin go around with my one-eyed snake pokin at hot actresses' pussies...that killer Alfie British accent...stiff upper lip (among other stiff body parts)...and a red hot portfolio could only equate to lotsa free sex...

Damnit why am i not lookin like Jude?

Touchin myself to sleep every night is no fun *sobs*

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