Monday, July 4

Dodge the Online Scams!
adrock2xander is 5 months 5 days without a cigarette.
Profitting BIG TIME through eBay: 179 days left.

Online transactions via eBay can be a dodgy affair sometimes...the product has been sold...the money has been paid...but the seller can always scoot off with the money and dissappear without a trace...ive been suckered for these gimmicks one too many times weeks...and im not too pleased...

I wonder why these people do that? Not only does it hurt their reputation...but people are less willin to trade with them in the future...high scores and feedback is one thing...but to jeopardise everythin they've worked so hard just doesnt make any sense...

I can understand why people are unwillingly to shop and trade online...the lack of trust from legit buyers and the inabilitiy to view the goods...but mind you these sellers are one in a million...i trust that the majority of sellers...myself included...arent the dodgy sleazebags that many make out to be...

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