Thursday, June 23

Yay! Big Brothel on TV!
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It just gets more ridiculous...the Australian Family Association calls it Big's an outrage...and now...amazingly everybody's favorite reality flick is the subject of a Federal Government probe...

It's completely everyday program is gettin flamed and licked for the depiction of naked everyday folks doin everyday stuff...and this is a comin from a country where adult shops are found in every 3 city blocks...where the porn industry is more vibrant than ever and young people have sex by the age of 16...

Hey what seems to be the problem? Mark Philippoussis was screwin Delta and him gets thrashed in 3 straight sets by Marat...and no one bat an some random Joe and Jane are frolickin in the showers butt ass naked and the naysayers are out in full i sense some justice here...

It's bloody simple...dont fuckin watch Big Brother! Why all the big brouhaha over some minority's sensitivity...they obviously dont have any sex...they must shower with their clothes on and they've never posed for the camera before...what a load of hogwash...

Get a grip Aussies...yes sex does sell...but ultimately great tv does tell...Cold Case and Enough Rope still raked in the top viewership for the day...if that isnt obvious enough i suggest you stop watchin TV altogether...

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