Wednesday, June 8

The Magnetism that is eBay
adrock2xander is 4 months 9 days without a cigarette.
Profitting BIG TIME through eBay: 205 days left.

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There's a whole new world out there in eBay...ive been bitten hook, line and sinker by the eBayin community's way of doin business...

There're the highs you experience when you win an auction...knowin that you've saved over 50% off retail price coz you were smart enough to buy it off the site...laughin all the way to the bank while mockin stupid shoppers who buy retail...and of coz the lows...when some fucker outbids you by a dollar with 1 minute left...WTF WTF...

Ive been spendin heaps of time researchin eBay and its business mechanics...includin purchasin products in bulk and resellin them for's very very lucrative...and the amazin thing is...a large percentage of people do not and ARE not interested in eBay...God knows why...if only they saw the light in the tunnel...

I shake my head with disbelief at the thought of all the money that's circulatin around eBay...and im just talkin bout eBay Australia...there's a huge community out there...just thinkin of an Aussie bloke with a beer in one hand sittin in his lounge piggin out while rakin in the big bucks just pisses me off...damnit if an Aussie bloke could do it why cant a stinkin chink like me do it too?

At the moment im studyin somethin that im pretty well versed in...the video and PC game not gona reveal too much for i have thoughts of doin some business...tradin and's gona be pretty good money...a night job i would like to call it...

micheLe has been a God send...her knowledge of cosmetics and women products is helpin me tap into the female industry too...we're thinkin of branchin out into that direction...when there's enough expendable energy left for us of coz :O

Im givin myself till the end of the year to get the mechanics the moment im just gona trade and deal small and see what kinda fruits it doubt bout readers will be strapped on along with my ride...wish me luck!

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