Tuesday, June 14

Daring. Different. Delicious.
adrock2xander is 4 months 15 days without a cigarette.
Profitting BIG TIME through eBay: 199 days left.

One of my Top 10 most beautiful women
Megan McCormick (of Lonely Planet GlobeTrekker fame) has been roped in to sample and write for a food blog in the US...it really is quite interestin with what the creator Eddie Lin has come up with...usin a mini-celebrity to promote their site...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Megan and Eddie

Honestly the layout kinda sucks though...it's a generic Blogger format that's been done to the death...the sidebar sticks out like a sore-thumb and is strangely stragglin at the bottom of the blog...the frequency of the posts needs to be increased too...the last post was a rather long time ago...i hope they've not given up on what is a very delicious blog...

That said...the reviews were very tastefully done! Highlights are obviously beautiful Megan's charmin and cutesy appearances throughout the blog from March 2005 onwards...

Dont wana give too much away...go
check it out...

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