Monday, June 6

Chinese Espionage in Australia! Awesome!
adrock2xander is 4 months 7 days without a cigarette.

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Says here in
The Age that Chinese asylum seeker Chen Yonglin (above) would not be subjected to punishment for hidin in Down Under after makin claims that there're up to 1000 Chinese spies who abduct and operate among Australians...

So what's the biggie? Australian wouldnt help coz they're 'sympathetic to China's concern on security and political issues'...DUH! Last i checked China and Australia are more than a stone's throw away...does anyone honestly think the head honchos in Canberra would give a flyin rat's ass bout some Chinks in their country? As it is...the shores of Australia are so porous...anyone...includin those Muslim terrorists from Indonesia could swim into shore with arms tied behind their back...

And to flush out all the Chinese spies in Australia? Impossible! All Chinese look the same! Australian officials would never be able to tell the Changs from the Engs...

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