Monday, May 30

More Miss Universe Madness!

With my Miss Universe post attractin so much publicity...i thought another one would be's just a day to the Miss Universe ive been doin some 'research' on the beautiful...or not so beautiful...ladies...

Without further ado...

Miss Spain is all houte couture and radical lookin...someone please tell her that her hips are too wide...and she's spent too much time on Thigh Master...check out her abs...

Image hosted by

Still...Spain is HOT! (8/10 Hot!)

This is Miss Ukraine...i dare not speak more for the FBI might arrest me for harborin pictures of underaged girls...

Image hosted by

Has she graduated from Elementary School? (5/10 Average lookin and Child Pornography material!)

And Miss USA...omg someone please tell Bush that when one mentions thinks all-American BLONDES...not brunettes...

Image hosted by

And she looks like a fawkin Kelly Clarkson twin! (6/10 Fat and average!)

Chinese have always had the short end of a stick...regular readers will know what im drivin at...the ghost of Premier Mao will laugh so hard at this Chinese chick...she has China Doll written all over her...and Lady in Red? Thank you for more Asian stereotypes you fuckin whites! How bout throwin in a dragon and phoenix while ya at it? Stupid gits...

Image hosted by

I'll send her a mail indicatin big hair and cheesy poses are so 1980s...(1/10 She's Asian nuff said!)

Miss Indonesia hasnt mastered the art of picture-takin it appears...also...she hasnt come to grip with her looks...someone please tell her that it dont matter how she poses...she cant hide her flat features...and she has a duck mouth! Quack! NEXT!

Image hosted by

Too Asian lookin...(4/10 Coz she's Asian!)

Miss Universe traditional giants Venezuela is out in full force again this year...i dont remember a pageant where the country had it this good...

Image hosted by

OMFG fan me already! (8/10 Dark features and hot!)

This year's Miss UK is a dead ringer for Australia's pop princess Delta Goodrem with some blemishes...look closely and laugh at her pimples! ROFL...

Image hosted by

Delta-lookalike and pimples? Not! (6/10 Unoriginal and poor sanitation!)

Miss Serbia & Montenegro and Miss Switzerland have mastered the art of P.R skills...air kisses and skimpy attire? Right up my alley me ladies!

Image hosted by

Miss S&M (wow...what can i say?)...has two huge eyes...too big i'd daresay... (7/10 for representin a kinky sex country!) Miss Switzerland is my tip for Top 10...she's a cutie! (7.5/10 Cute! Bulge in my pants!)

Another favorite! Miss Belgium! She must love eatin her Blegium eclairs and chocolates...coz whatever she's eatin...i love it!

Image hosted by

Verdict: (8/10 She's beautiful!)

My fascination with all things Croatia began with the soccer team's 3rd place finish in the European Championships things havnt changed...Miss Croatia looks good sittin on the flight of stairs...i wonder how she'll look sittin on me...hmmm...

Image hosted by

An Eastern European chick! Holy shit! (8/10 have i already mention Eastern European chick?)

Here're 3 reasons why Chinese and their sb-derivatives still cant win any pageant contests...

1) They're gooks
2) They get the short end of every fuckin stick
3) They use breast implants

Image hosted by

Check out Miss Malaysia...are you thinkin tranny or whore? I know i am...Miss India is really cute...but there's somethin wrong with her face...i just cant put my finger on it...micheLe thinks it's her nose...very beaky lookin...

Miss Malaysia (1/10 Breast implants and Asian? Not!)
Miss India (7/10 Tweety Bird look? ROFL)

The pageant is shown live worldwide on Tuesday. Please check your local listings.

miss malaysia is so fuckin ugly. all the chinese whores wannabes. pitty the malays cant join the pageant.
We stumbled upon your blog when we googled "Old Jerusalam." I don't know why. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that it held my interest for quite some time.

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