Wednesday, May 18

Letter to Kylie Minogue (pronounced Mee-No-Gyu)
adrock2xander is 3 months 19 days without a cigarette.

Would you believe it? Your attempt at more publicity actually worked...your shizzam of a news-breakin story actually took precedence over Australian and international news in Melbourne...wait what international news? Australian news networks never cover international wonder Aussies are so close-minded...

I had to sit through 10 minutes of arduous Channel Nine news just to get to another breakin news story...all thanks to you...

Kylie...i sure dont fuckin care if you've got lymph nodes in ya it is ya arse is hot enough for men to go ga-ga over could lose ya breast and go flat-chested and still have men desire you like ya the only woman on me Kylie...ya gona be fine...millions of Asian women still get dates...married and have kids...if they can grow old with a flat sure you would too...'ve earned millions over these 20 have the adulation and requited love of heaps of fans and male admirers...even if ya tits are'll never be alone...all the money and popularity is a sure-fire way to make you recover a hell lot faster...Australia needs some famous people like you to put them on the map...surely you dont think
Steve Irwin's gona get them anywhere...with that redneck accent of his?

While ya at it could you tell ya sister Dannii that she's a fuckin horrible singer and has to stop imitatin you...she sucks dick and should just stick to hard core pornography...

I do hope you recover soon and get back to the blow job you give so well...and oh yeah some singin too...more 'La La La La La La La Out Of My Head' songs is know where the good stuff is...

But the next time you decide to drop a killer news story like this please ensure that im not sittin in front of the couch watchin you pout at Boy George...i get sick with envy...

*sigh* Sometimes gays do get it all...

Your un-opinionated fan

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