Wednesday, May 11

K.K.K - Not the Ku Klux Klan! The Krispy Kreme Klan!
adrock2xander is 3 months 12 days without a cigarette.

The best doughnuts in the world...and they're all for the three of us to consume...3 boxes of
Krispy Kreme doughnuts mysteriously teleported from nowhere and appeared on our dinin table...

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micheLe had gone to Sydney for a short holiday over the weekend and returned with these delectable's funny how one of the most famous doughnuts in the world is only available in Sydney...many in Melbourne still go 'huh?' when one mentions Krispy Kreme...and im sorry mentionin Doughnut King in the same sentence with Krispy Kreme is blasphemy! Do your tastebuds justice! Give your stomach the doughnuts it craves! Give it Krispy Kreme!

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