Friday, May 20

Baby Isnt A Solution You Bint!
adrock2xander is 3 months 21 days without a cigarette.

Overheard on a Fox 101.9 FM Aunt Agony program while i was workin on an essay:

"Hi im in a 18-month relationship with a man i really love. When we started datin he was the sweetest thing in the world. These days he isnt what he used to be. I still love him deeply but i think he's driftin away from me. Im currently on the pill, and intend to stop takin it so he can get me pregnant. I think that's the only way to make him come back to me again. What's your advice?"


Honey...the only thing you'll do if you have his baby is drive him away...for fuck sakes...what on Earth were you thinkin when you suggested that 6th-grade idea on national radio? You've not only made yaself the biggest loser in Melbourne...but ensured you almost certainly will lose ya honey-bunny regardless of action...

Cmon you stupid cant trap someone with a baby these days...did i already mention that's so 6th-grade? Sure for a second the man's gona think his libido's still workin and his sperm are of premium grade coz they survived the trip to ya ovary...but everythin after that is just downhill...

He knew you were on the pill...yet you somehow...out of the knocked you think the first thing that comes to his mind his joy? No! He could be thinkin either:

1) "The baby isnt mine! My girlfriend is on the pill! Fuckin bitch! Cheatin hoe!"
2) "OMG im gona be a father! No wait she's on the pill! Fuckin bitch! Cheatin hoe!"
3) All of the above

Either way...the chick's so fucked...

I hope you get dumped one day...

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