Tuesday, April 26

Stand Alone Complex

Anime isnt one of my prefferred interests...but with its cross-over themes and similarities to Marvel comics and science-fiction games...i find myself watchin anime with subdued affection on some days...

Im currently watchin
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex...fans of anime will no doubt remember the original movie that shook the entire anime universe...it was so ahead of its time...and although i saw the movie bout 7 years ago...i still vaguely remember the storyline...

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The series kinda expands on the movie's concepts...a special task force consistin of humans and genetically-enhanced cyborgs are assigned to protect a world where cyber crimes and criminal espionage is rampant...each member of the task force has a useful skill that's brought up in each episode...the brilliance of the advanced weaponry and intellectual storyline makes for fascinatin viewin...im totally hooked...

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