Sunday, April 17

Of Pads and Men
adrock2xander is 2 months 18 days without a cigarette.

Stayfree Pads

Early yesterday mornin...micheLe rolled over to my side of the bed with some distress and woke me up...bleary eyed...i spied her discomfort...and asked her what was wrong...

"Sweetie i ran out of pads...the only one i have left is soaked..."

Ok she went somewhere along the lines of my comatose delirium i could barely make out what she was tellin me...but the thought of an angry woman yakkin at her boyfriend's inaptitude at buyin women's products drove me to the bathroom...where i washed up real quick...pulled on somethin warm and stepped out of the house...

Needless to say the funny looks i got from amused women at the sanitary section was all too obvious...and that's discountin the queue at the cashier...

Im not too fussy when it comes to buyin women's products...hey if my woman wants somethin...she gets sure she'll do likewise for me...

You happy now micheLe?


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