Tuesday, April 19

Not Another Britney!
adrock2xander is 2 months 20 days without a cigarette.

There used to be a time when Britney Spears is the prettiest thing on the planet...she couldnt do anythin wrong...she had the media feedin outa her hands...and had millions of males masturbatin to her Photoshop-ped body...

Things are different these days...with her pregnancy...and the sex of her baby
now determined...allegedly no less...my crystal ball paints a very un-rosy picture for her...

I mean...does anyone wana have kids that look like this?

K.Fed + Brit = ARGH!

K.Fed + Brit = ARGH!

The kids look like they've stepped straight out of a Child's Play movie...a small consolation...considerin how K.Fed will divorce Britney within 2 years and father more bastards...

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