Monday, April 11

Impulse - What a weekend! What a blast! What a Grampians!
adrock2xander is 2 months 12 days without a cigarette.

After usin the word on countless occassions in high school essays...quippin it over Starbucks-esque coffee conversations...quotin them in desperate pick-up joints and what-nots...I now know what the word impulse really i do...

adrock2xander's Art of Survival #172 - To genuinely understand what a phrase/idiom/word means or how it's has to live it...and reflect on one's achievements over the weekend...regardless of the hole in ya pocket...

To truly measure the greatness of my've to understand my financial an International Student livin in one of the
Top 20 Most Expensive Cities in the World on a pittance of a budget...where an average meal costs A$15-A$20...where i shudder to think of spendin A$10 a day since my monthly allowance makes for comedic acts of gargantuan proportions...i order of greatness...spent over 3 days:

3) A$100 on home furnishings at Ikea coz my pitiful lifestyle renders it...
2) A$85 on DVDs at
JB Hi-Fi coz damn it! They're havin a fuckin sale! And pop-culture boy couldnt resist not snaggin some of the excellent deals they had! A$85 in one sittin! O-H M-Y G-O-D!
1) A$80 on car rental, gas and consumables as The Three (for fuck readers ought to know who we are now) took a day trip to the awesome
Grampians...where i stripped bare and swam in icy-cold 5 degree waters of the magnificent Mackenzie Falls...details in the next post...

Mackenzie Falls

The weekend also threw in a ridiculous run-in we had with the Victorian cops...not once...not twice...but three times were we pulled over by them Aussies...and get this...we were actually involved in a car chase...a fuckin cop chased us...LMFAO...ive watched Cops on telly before...but could never imagine been pursued...i now know what it's like to be a nigger on the run...but more details on that in the next post...

In usual adrock2xander will ensue...

Sure was one hell of a weekend...

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