Saturday, April 2

Die! Die!
adrock2xander is 2 months 2 days without a cigarette.

Die you old fart!

Dearest Pope John Paul II,

my name is John Ng Xander and i write with earnesty and all honesty from the city of Melbourne, Australia...i believe you would...akin to ya previous public appearances before ya untimely illness...put time aside and reply to ya large fan base around the world...

You see John...we both have the same we both think on the same let's cut to the chase...

Ok you've made ya've outlived Terry Schiavo...she's passed away amidst a flurry of international bickerin and finger-pointin...wipe that wry smile from ya face coz it's ya turn to kick the bucket...

Let's face it...ya gona fuckin die...ya an old fart who's one too many indistinct hoarse whispers away from too many public appearances...and one too many headline news around the world...

Just fuckin die will ya...the world doesnt need an old foggy with heart problems to solve her if the world doesnt have enough worries of her'll do the world a big more unnecassary media networks campin outside ya hospital...

The thousands who gather outside to hear you croak like a frog will soon realise they made a complete fool out of themselves...cryin on international television...for fuck's's an OLD MAN...everyone dies...i'll die one'll die one save the tears when ya 10 minutes from death...coz you'll need it...

A very disinterested and bored Methodist,

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