Wednesday, April 27

Black women cant sing
adrock2xander is 2 months 28 days without a cigarette.

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RnB outfits Destiny's Child briefly gained a new member yesterday...and *gasps* she aint a nigger!

The group's in Melbourne for a visit as part of McDonald's sponsorship of a world tour...and in a visit to the Royal Children's Hospital they were briefly upstaged by a 2yo Willow Small...who just had her kidney removed...

The poor girl...clearly not knowin she's being surounded by a group of women whose family members pimp drugs...get arrested in streets and queue up for food coupons...was in a world of her own as she sang nursery rhymes and spent bout an hour with the women...

Can someone please tell the Destinies that the real star is really just Beyonce Knowles? Who gives a flyin fuck bout Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams...cmon the genuine Michelle Williams is the star of Dawson's all-American WHITE show! Not a black chick!

And that picture above...omg...all of them look the same...

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