Monday, April 25

Attack of the Chilean Intern

Ive been wantin to do this for so long...but i never seem to remember it...good thing i remember it now...

Been in touch with Stefanie since she left Singapore late
last year...she's been sendin me heaps of pictures of South America and has finally moved in with her boyfriend Miguel in Santiago...and she's been travellin...some pics from Lima, word: Byoo-tee-foo!!

Stefa and Miguel lookin like the intrepid travellers they are:

Image hosted by

Picnic at the beach:

Image hosted by

Golly...the view from the pool:

Image hosted by

That's a really orange sunset:

Image hosted by

Palm trees drapin over their heads:

Image hosted by

She's been dog-sittin this pitbull for quite awhile...and ehm may wana change those bed sheets...they look awfully tacky:

Image hosted by

Miss you heaps Stefa...keep sendin those beautiful pictures...

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