Wednesday, March 9

What a day!
adrock2xander is 1 month 10 days without a cigarette.

Yeah...indeed...what a day it has been...

I am the RMIT Swanston library...punchin furiously away for Uni research and mind-numbin blog readin and surfin...bloody Aussies havnt gotten back to me on our ADSL situation...can you believe it? It's been a month! And it's not just the ADSL that's gettin to me!

While perched comfortably in a tram to a 3 hour lecture this mornin...a tram inspector came up to me and demanded for my particulars...apparently ive commited a crime of horrific proportions - restin my feet on the tram seat...

Aww cmon mate! All i did was tie the boot laces! Surely you dont expect me to bend all the way to the ground to get them done! And on top of a fuckin international's my 38th day in the FUCKIN POOPHOLE would i know restin one's feet on a tram seat is seen as a violation of the Met line?

There is a sign in the tram that recognises feet restin on tram seats as a fuckin FELONY...but honestly...i only took notice of it when the tram inspector left me alone to mope...

The tram inspector didnt wana listen to me...he made a big scene...everyone in the tram was lookin at i played it cool...gave him my particulars and decided immediately to appeal against the fine...

In a week i should be recievin the 'ticket'...ive conviently made an appointment with the RMIT Legal Services (Hey what do you's free!) for consultation and advice...this is preposterous! Fuckin bigoted white man gettin all colonial on a Chink! Singapore may have been British ruled...most Asians think Whites are superior to them...but it's completely loss on gona make a gona kick up a gona fuck the Met line's employment a RMIT Student Rep i have the power to infilict pain and damage on the world...i have the POWER!

Ehm...ok im gettin carried away...still...that white man's not gettin away...i refuse to pay the fine...and i refuse to bow to the supposed White an International Student...and i have my fuckin want a A$50 fine? Go strum a guitar in the'll get loose change in no time...

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