Monday, March 28

Tallest Nipples In The World

What with the 7 days Easter break at the halfway stage (yes...Aussies have em 7 freakin days long for college kids)...and micheLe workin the graveyard shift tonight...Gavin and i decided to spice our borin sultry autumn nights with a DVD...good thing we did...coz i saw one of the best film in a good long i possibly cant shake off for quite awhile...

21 Grams reminds me a lot of the excellent-but-noone-saw Go...ingenious Pulp Fiction and the brilliant pieces of a huge jigsaw puzzle the movie is sequenced and arranged several pieces at a would have to pay attention to every scene in order to figure out the story...

But this post isnt bout how good the movie's bout the one scene that had left me with a rather large boner for a fair bit...golly...have anyone seen Naomi Watt's nipples? They're fuckin long! Like a good 2 cm of erected foreplay radars that could reach out to the ceiling! Damn you Sean Penn...gettin paid millions to suck on a hottie's long nipples...

I tried sourcin the Internet for the best picture that would describe the amazin rocket-like nipples Naomi had in the bedroom scene...and this is as good as i got...

Naomi's long nipples

Gosh i cant stop thinkin of those it soar into the stratosphere with its jet-propelled engines and streamlined aero-dynamics!!

Thank God for women and nipples... :O

Heath were you thinkin when you broke up with her...

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