Monday, March 28

Sex Is Never Taboo

I would like to give my 2cents worth on a conundrum that's dogged generation of people for thousands of years...and that is...

Sex myths

You see...that's
an American program that was played at the unearthly hour of 5am this mornin on Channel 9...a heavy supper didnt aid in my constant bed i sat up and turned on the telly...and the image got my attention...

My take on the 10 questions posed to scientists and anthropologists?

1. Are short men at a disadvantage in romance?

ABC News Network reports: 59.3% said YES, 40.7% said No

adrock2xander reports: A resoundin 5'11" and considerably taller than most Asian men...i gota say ive gotten more chicks than many of my counterparts who're a good 2-3 inches beneath's true that the shorter men end up marryin them...but hey at least i got to fuck them first...and i get many of em...the short men get only one :O

2. Do blondes really have more fun?

ABC News Network reports: 73.8% said NO 26.2% said YES

adrock2xander reports: Im not gona give my opinion on the situation in Melbourne as i havnt been here long enough...

Comin fron dont matter whether ya blonde or brunette...close-minded and ignorant Asians who worship the Caucasian's every footstep will always ensure that both colors get more fun...

3. Will talking to your kids about sex before they are teenagers encourage them to have sex?

ABC News Network reports: 87.3% said NO 12.6% said YES

adrock2xander reports: I'll definitely be encouragin my kids to have sex as soon as they're of legitimate's a harsh world out there and they've gota take to it like duck to water...i lost my virginity at 18 and had STD at 23...these are things kids will have to learn fast and be mature bout it...acceptin these issues when they're young means they wouldnt come to a juncture in life where they're still unable to take care of themselves...

4. Is there such a thing as a seven-year itch?

ABC News Network reports: 68.8% said NO 31.2% said YES

adrock2xander reports: I wouldnt not married yet...but imho the 7-year itch is fuckin AND women are always constantly on the lookout for attractive partners regardless of their marital how ive told my friends back has to keep their options'd never know how life is gona rear its ugly head and bite you hard...keepin several women at ya immediate reach would mean years of glorious sex and comfort...

5. Are women naturally more monogamous than men?

ABC News Network reports: 50.6% said NO 49.4% said YES

adrock2xander reports: Bullshit...homo sapiens are never made to be our very basic level we still have dormant monkey genes...and monkeys fuck like noone's business...being monogamous means years of unsatisfyin sex and a bored wife who flips a magazine while ya between her legs...

6. Is having sex during pregnancy harmful?

ABC News Network reports: 97.9% said NO 2.1% said YES

adrock2xander reports: come home after a hard day's work...ya tired and beat and you miss ya missus...she's 7 months pregnant and greets you completely naked as she's just stepped out of the see her lactatin tits and shaven bush...blood rushes to ya groin and you are reminded why she's havin ya child in the first place...coz she's fuckin awesome...bloody make passionate love to her...the baby in her aint gona make a fuckin difference in ya genital's sensitivity...

7. Does size matter?

ABC News Network reports: 55.8% said NO 44.2% said YES

adrock2xander reports: I have a 6-inch penis...yes i would like to have it slightly longer but im 6 inches isnt too bad afterall...ive seen other Asians who christian their penises Mighty Mouse...for obvious reasons...

Then there're the Caucasians with small penises too...ive seen heaps of porn with very ordinary fact there are more porn flicks out there with 5+ inches of penises than there are 8+ inches...

I also believe that it's not the length that matters...but the thickness...heaps of men have long and reed thin sticks that wouldnt stoke a fire...women's vaginal walls are equipped to contract and grip their man's penises regardless of their girth...but how many women out there would openly admit that a thicker penis isnt more enjoyable than a thin stick?

8. Do single people have better sex lives than married people?

ABC News Network reports: 76.2% said NO 23.8% said YES

adrock2xander reports: Fuckin will ALWAYS have a better sex life...simply becoz they've more to choose borin it is to fuck the same partner for 40 years...can you imagine that??

And the notion that married people dont have better sex lives is wrong too...just cheat on ya spouse...sleep around with many to enjoy a good sex life...just make sure he/she doesnt find out coz ya fuckin screwed...

9. Do women like porn?

ABC News Network reports: 54.7% said YES 45.3% said NO

adrock2xander reports: I used to date a girl who didnt profess to love porn...but found porn...when it has an actual storyline and sublimal foreplay and be very arousin...i actually went around certain areas in Singapore to find porn of this 'magnitude'...and i must say when i did find them...i was duly rewarded...if you know what i mean...

Granted...almost all women i know wouldnt publicly admit that they love porn...most profess it's degradin to women...but these are the same women who've never ONCE in their fuckin lives seen a porn flick...i tell da hell is feminism gona progress and evolve if women CANT even be comfortable watchin beautiful women gettin it on in videos???

10. Do herbal aphrodisiacs work?

ABC News Network reports: 77.5% said NO 22.5% said YES

adrock2xander reports: Unless my readership consists of octagenarians with wills already written...i doubt any of you have actually consumed drugs or herbs that openly declare to add 4 inches to ya penis or yadda yadda yadda...

I say we use them only when you cant get the flagpole standin...the lube aint makin the machine work no more...or the fire just needs to be reignited...other than that...stay away from these...artificial preservatives and colorings are a big NONO to one'e health...

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