Thursday, March 3

adrock2xander wants to:
adrock2xander is 1 month 3 days without a cigarette.

1) Smoke.
Strangely enough...i still get them pangs...

2) Kill Telstra.
The bloody national Australian telco is takin bloody forever to set up an ADSL line in my apartment...

3) Ask a cute Aussie girl out.
Oh datin micheLe... *chuckle*

4) Stop eatin pizza and get on a proper diet.
Thing is...most meals Aussie dollars...are dog expensive...and pizzas are the way to go...and my weight's free-fallin...

5) Ask a cute Aussie girl out.
Oh wait...this has already been mentioned... *frowns*

6) Talk bout weight.
In case i havnt already mentioned this in my previous posts...i figured i should keep you readers in the loop of things...ive lost over 1.5 inch off my waist and lost some 4-5 kilograms...the stress of Uni application last year...movin here...gettin acclimatised to the new weather and country...improper diet is kinda takin a toll on me...

If i dont post within the next 7 days that could most possibly mean ive passed out from an excessive loss of weight.

Go me...

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