Saturday, January 22

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I thought this was rather interestin...

Taken off
Wyatt's Torch...the writer seems to be a rather angry's a brand new blog...but a pretty quirky one nonetheless...

Reasons People Hate Jews:

(1) Don’t recognize pagan gods

(2) Won’t worship leader as god

(3) Don’t Recognize the one true God and his Prophet

(4) Killed God

(5) Are all Atheists

(6) Are all Communists

(7) Are not Communists

(8) Are all Democrats

(9) Too wealthy; control the world’s money supply

(10) Invented a “slave morality” where the weak are the most virtuous

(11) Invented Objectivism, which denounces altruism and glorifies materialism

(12) Oppress a minority population trying to claim a right to their homeland

(13) Are overly pious

(14) Are purveyors of amorality

(15) Oppress African-Americans

(16) Are supporters and enablers of blacks

(17) Are all do-nothing neurotic worrywarts

(18) Are all successful lawyers, doctors, businessmen who have too much control over society

(19) Are all Neo-Conservative Imperialist hawks pursuing a destructive American Imperialism

(20) Have questionable loyalty to the regime in power

(21) Are an intenerate, rootless people eternally siphoning off of other countries

(22) Are a ultra-nationalist aggressor state endangering world security for territorial gain

(23) Are too ugly

(24) Run the entertainment industry

Now...perhaps i could write a post on why people hate Singaporeans...that would be the mother of all posts wouldnt it...

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