Friday, January 21

Club and Kiss for a Cause

Ive been spendin a rather copious amount of time on the RMIT website...browsin through the activities and clubs available for does feel rather strange to be a student again...

As it is im in a beautiful you remember back in the days when you're faced with a plethora of clubs that has specific interests that ring a tune in ya head? Im facin that right's still early days...but right now it's a toss up between:

1) Alpine Club
Skiin and immersin myself with something that's alien to the tropical climate in Singapore - snow

2) Soccer Club
I grew up lovin and playin the's funny how the Aussies...with Union Jack affiliations...are usin the word 'soccer'...shouldnt it be football?

3) The RMIT newspaper
With a rather extensive writin background and portfolio in Singapore...i would really love to contribute to the paper...afterall writing is a hobby i thoroughly enjoy

4) The Swim, Bike, Run Club
As a qualified Junior Life Guard...a serious competitor of mountain bikin and dozens of athletics medals garnered in my High School days...this is a Club that combines 3 of my favorite sports...quite excitin indeed

5) 90.7 Syn FM Melbourne
Ive often been told that ive a very radio friendly voice...i would like to put that to the test and have a demo tape submitted...who knows you could hear my voice across the internet

I then stumbled across this interestin article...Melbourne is biddin to
set a world record for "Most couples kissing simultaneously" the event would be held on the Sunday before Valentine's Day...i'll be makin my way to St. Kilda's beach with micheLe to break the world record...

Watch this space in 3 weeks for updates on the world record attempt...

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