Monday, January 3

adrock2xander apologises

Turns out...someone has reported me to the Police for all the abusive language ive been usin on Germaine...geezzz...these people have taken it too if gangin up on me to start a blog war in November wasnt this...

Here's what it says:

"Adrock2xander, we have actually lodged a police report for all the abusive and offensive message you have posted in your blog about Germaine, in case you want to know, stealing someone's picture to be posted on your blog is an offense too. If I were you, I would remove that page immediately before the police comes to you before u leave for Australia on 21st Jan. They are currently considering 2 options, 1) to refer this case to Police HQ 2) to refer this case to CID, which more serious charges will be pressed against you. If you want to continue with what you are doing now, you will have to pay for it.Yap, I am sure your Uni can wait for you.

Arguments on net are very common, but resorting to such threats and despicable comments on someone much younger than you, all I can say is you are a big bully. Go bully someone of your age, n confront someone face to face instead of doing this."

Now it's one thing to mock someone over the net...but another thing to lodge a police report...empty threat or not bout to deprecate the escalatin situation...takin sense in all of it...ive sent a public apology to everyone in Germaine's's what i wrote:

"Ok i'll stop messin with the lady...

Just know that it took a genuine threat (i.e police report) to simmer me down...

10 vs 1 aint botherin me...

I apologise for the offensive remarks...picture is not comin off...coz it's my blog...

Now we shall just leave it at that.

Hey...cant we all just get along?

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