Friday, January 21

Accurate Vengeance Reader

This Eastern-Western personality reader is utterly the most accurate and convincin site EVER. Period. My close friends and definitely micheLe would all agree with me on this. Damn it's like...readin adrock2xander in Microsoft Word format...scary... the people who never bothered to know me over the years...the school bullies who used to beat me up and mock me in High soccer buddies who act as if nothin has happened over the last 14 years (read: Terence and Dennis - you despised why the hypocrisy now? I havnt changed)...the conservatives in Singapore who gave me funny looks when i paint my nails black or speak better English than Caucasians...right-wing Bloggers (read: Germaine and Co.) Creative Head Jason in my ex-company (i have the last laugh Jason)...please shove everythin up ya ass yeah...

Eastern sign: Sheep
Wastern sign: Aquarius

Zany and unconventional, you are full of surprises. As far as you're concerned, it's better to be shocking than boring. You're willing to do anything to get a rise out of people, whether it's poking fun at a sacred institution or standing on your head at the dinner table. Setting yourself apart from the crowd is your number one priority. You believe great beauty can come from being unique. Your greatest challenge is to develop your sensual side. Although you are most attracted to the world of ideas, it wouldn't hurt to indulge in physical pleasures from time to time. Your biggest strength is your appreciation for people's differences. You will never lack for varied, interesting company.

Because you are utterly determined to be independent, you need a job that allows you a great deal of freedom. Working with plants or animals may prove rewarding for you. You'd make an excellent botanist, veterinarian, or landscaper. A job that affords lots of travel might also suit you. Joining a music group, theater troupe, or dance company could ward off boredom. Alternately, you could learn a skill that would allow you to pick up and move whenever you crave a change of scenery. If you want to see the world, you could learn how to program computers.

You're a little reserved in your affections, and may wait until you're older to form an intimate partnership. Folks who love a challenge are attracted by your cool. There's something so elusive and mysterious about the way you conduct your personal life; many people assume you have a tragic romance in your past. The truth is you're just reluctant to open up to friends until you know them extremely well.

Offbeat, adventurous people make the best friends for you. No wonder so many Ariens, Geminis, Leos, and Sagittarians make up your social circle! Romantically, you need a warm, effusive partner who can bring out your sensual side. Given enough encouragement, you will be as affectionate as a playful puppy.

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