Sunday, December 12

Transformers vs Ukraine

With the American elections takin a back attention is turned towards the farcical Ukraine elections...i took notice of a coat-of-arms/abstract symbol that appears on the campaign paraphernalia of Ukraine's Viktor Yanukovich...the prime minister with ties to old Russia who "defeated" opposition candidate Viktor Yushchenko in the recent disputed election:

Upon seein the amused smile was written across my face as i was immediately reminded of the coat-of-arms of another organization with ties to totalitarianism and oppression: The Decepticons...

The Decepticons are the nefarious crew of morphing robots (from the amazin late 80s and early 90s cartoon Transformers) devoted to the destruction of the Autobots...a group known for its progressive and populist approaches to freedom and justice...

Here's the Decepticons logo next to Yanukovich's logo:


- the peaks on the sides
- the eyelets in the lower third (inverted in the Decep's logo)
- the empty spaces on the edges of the lower third
- the strong diagonal lines
- the peak in the middle
- and of course the general shape of the shield

Really...if you just add two lines (one straight, one v-shaped), you get a close match:

Are Yanukovich and the Decepticons sharin a graphic designer? LOL...maybe the Ukrainians shouldnt elect this guy...the last thing we need is another totalitarian man in power (Ahem...Singapore's government comes to mind)'d never know...

And what of the Autobots? There are a couple of similarities to the Autobots' logo as well:

The main similarities are the strong vertical center line and the location of the eyes...however where the Autobots' logo is horizontally oriented...the Decepticons' and Yanukovich's logos seem more vertically or diagonally the perfect world...everythin would be more if only i knew what that meant...

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