Thursday, August 26

J.X.N criticizes Blogger

REUTER - In what is seen as another sly pot shot at blog engine extraordinaire Blogger...humorist and lifestyle critique John Ng Xander launched into a florid speech aimed at desensitisin the debaucherous nature of its selection of blogs that've been noticed been the friendly people at Blogger...representin and championin all brilliant blogs...these people encapsulate the note-worthy blog under a very unimaginative title...aptly named "Blogs of Note"...a feature that sadly falls short of xenophobia...

Speakin at the launch of the 2004 Summer Collection of his action figures at Madison Square Garden...John Ng Xander...dressed in his trademark de-constructed straightjacket and flip-flops...provided an astonishin anatomy of Blogger's corporate clout and denouncing those who have...over the years...relegated him as a has-been...John Ng his usual fluid and half-delusional style...slapped all Americans in the face with his heartfelt plea at the extreme focus on non-Americans and America-themed blogs that constantly make it to "Blogs of Note" at the expense of more well-written and designed blogs...

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