Saturday, August 28

Blonde with a book

Paris Hilton is the world's favorite heiress everyone hates (coz she's OMFG hot and rich and does stupid things to get noticed) and loves (coz she's OMFG hot and rich and does stupid things to get noticed)...she has officially outdone herself this time with the launch of her 198-page memoir "Confessions of an Heiress: A Tongue-in-Chic Peek Behind the Pose"...

Her ability to sell videotapes slightly concerned at Paris's writin prowess...i just dont see Paris wieldin a pen as skillfully as she waves her credit card...but i doubt that's gona be stoppin her book being the most eagerly anticipated biographical work since Scumchester United Football Club's David Beckham's virgin attampt at a serious literary work.

It'd be interestin to see what Paris has included in her hopin to get some scandalous details of her sex life with Rick Soloman...some fashion tips on 'How to dress like a tramp and get away with it' skills without the whole 'Tinkerbell is missing' to act real dumb in front of TV...oh wait...she's blonde...ok forget i said that...

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