Tuesday, August 31

Blogger.com has done it again

My hunch proved right again...as Blogger has unabashedly selected another American blog as its 'Blog of Note'...i wonder what kind of signals and messages they're sendin out to the bloggin community out there...dont they realise that bloggin is a worldwide phenomenon and people DO pay attention to their dashboard...what is Blogger.com tryin to insinuate? That the good people from Europe, South America, Africa and Australasia cant write to save their lives? I beg to differ!

Or are the egocentric...ethnocentric...xenophobic...and all conquerin Americans reduced to thinkin the the Land of the Free is the only country in the world that exists? Oh wait...most Americans do think that way...be it their education system that promotes only the American history and failure to expose the children to the world outside...to the rednecks who grow up fuckin sheeps and milkin udders...or the absolute control the American media has over the world where news is fed with an American slant...can we blame them??

I daresay 90% of the bloggers in 'Blogs of Note' AND Blogger.com boardroom staff have never stepped out of that white-wash of a fagland...any of you fucktards proudly wearin the Star-Spangled Banner wana take me up on that?

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