Monday, August 30

All marooned with confusion

Is it just me...or is Maroon 5 the best thing to happen on radio and MTV since Britney Spears?

Ok perhaps the overt comparisons between the 5-men outfit and the trailer thrash blonde arent the most obvious...but then stated above...maybe it's just me...

Has anyone not heard their smashin new single 'She Will Be Loved' by now? Or witnessed the incredulous and terribly confusin video of the same namesake?

It's gettin old...but i shall say it again...IS IT JUST ME?? The correlation between the beautiful lyrics and the video just doesnt add the guy loves the girl...but pines for her mom?? He used to date her mom?? How does the dad fit into the picture?? He loves the mom but dates the daughter?? WTF??

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