Thursday, June 17

The Olsen Twins!

The Twins As of last Sunday...June 13...wonder twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are legal adults...the girls will be able to vote and buy cigarettes...their 18th birthdays also mark the end of an era for the Olsen Twins Countdown Clocks...the Internet sites devoted to tracking the years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds until the former Full House-rs come of age. It also marks an end of my somewhat obsessive fascination with em for just over 15 months now...perhaps it's my paedophilic nature held in check?

Honestly I couldnt give a flyin fuck if they're legal now...they're waaaayyy beyond my testicular reach...the only thing that i cant fathom is the fact that these two 18yo ingenues are fuckin BILLIONAIRES. Heck even Britney Spears isnt a billionaire...

Well come to think of it at least Britney's been doin some serious work....tourin the world...comin out with records....and once every hour makin headline news on some thrashy tabloid...seriously wtf has the Olsen twins done to be given the distinguished honor of billionaires? All these senoras did was star in squalor type movies that cater to 10yo kids...

And to think i bust my fuckin ass off workin for an MNC....overworked and underpaid...

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