Thursday, June 3

Miss Universe 2004 - the aftermath

Jennifer HawkinsI sit in stunned bewilderment as the credits for Miss Universe 2004 rolls on my simply stymmied...stupified...stumped...hang-dogged...knocked unconscious and rendered speechless...Miss Australia Jennifer Hawkins simply took the last sliver of breath i had away with a stunnin delivery of succinct poise...brilliant smiles...postured grace...her beautiful blue eyes had me eatin out of her hands...her bashful countenance ran rings around my beatin heart...for 2 hours i thought i had fallen in love...

Then there is Miss USA Shandi Finnessey who i took biggest fancy for a really long time...the American Beautiful Face Factory never fails to churn out amazing 'sunny-side up' girls from their conveyour know what i hair...BIG smile...Shandi Finnessey Shandi looks so bloody natural on stage...i had the opportunity to take a closer look at her when Miss USA 2004 was shown on TV over the weekend...she was the most outstandin girl and i had props on her to win...and she did...

Just when you thought natural beauty and big heart could get you anywhere...along came Miss Norway Kathrine Soerland...i thought i had completely lost my marbles when she appeared on stage...Kathrine is SO porn-star material! Piercin blue eyes...glowin blonde locks...intense Scandinavian beauty...when Kathrine took the stage for the swimsuit competition and twirled her little sash...i felt my boner pressin hard against my shorts...THIS CHICK IS HOT!! COMPLETELY FUCK-WORTHY!! A little peak into her portfolio and you realise Kathrine's a former Miss World semi-finalist. Back home she's a runway model and a TV-presenter...Kathrine Soerlandfor fuck's sakes...if you look like can do anything...

To sum it all up...ive decided to take a week's leave from over to Ecuador...muster what's left of my deflated ego and ask:

1) Miss Norway out for a good fuck
2) Miss USA out for a good date
3) Miss Australia to marry me

That's gona do that...stay tuned and keep your eyes on this page...

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