Wednesday, June 16

Evelyn's tale

So 'Well Scented' Evelyn and i exchanged this witty repartee late in the afternoon...ok maybe it isnt witty...but fuck that...Evelyn has a story to tell...

adrock2xander-15/6/04 3:16 PM >>>
you must be bored...been readin my blog lately? that should annoy to
end if you

gosh what do u want me to say...why dont u geme a call? Walk over to
Dzeti's desk..tell her to bugger off...and hog the phone....

While ya at it...can you please tell the chap who's usin the fax
machine to STOP tryin to fax an insertion order over...

So..watcha wearin Well Scented?

Im so trip to Melby's in just over 2 so
excited i dont even know how to blog it! Yay...snow....

Eve-6/15/04 3:51 PM >>>
but ive read ur blog. twice.
and yes i think u look fat.
a bit. like this much.
teeny weeny lil bit. moronic grin.
im bad at phones. i never say anything.
dzeti calls you the yo-yo wazzup boy. i think that's cute.
she's gotten ur insertion.
i'm wearing a lavender-coloured bra.
how long will you be in melbourne?
are u wearing blue underwear?
counting crows sang "accidentally in love" in shrek 2.
do u think it's possible to be accidentally in love?
frozen strawberries are my favourite.
i'm very disconnected today.
emotionally-absent too.
i think u'd look pretty in lingerie.
when are we going to sri lanka?
do u know that i'm terrified of men?
i run 8KM a day.
my thighs and calves beat yeti's.
i don't think i'm a dominant kisser.
but they say i can enchant and bedazzle
at the first kiss.
lucky bastard.

adrock2xander-15/6/04 4:20 PM >>>
Before i just gona say im addin your quirky 'lil reply to
my blog...that cracked me up so's like im lookin at you

LMFAO...Dzeti speaks like she knows me....ok i didnt ask for the color
of your underwear...though im glad i know now :-)

Im gona be in Melby from July 2 to July 12. My first trip out of
Singapore on my own...i tremble in fear *shudders*

Hey how did you guess?? i AM wearin blue underwear!! Blue Byford's one of my fave colors and design...

I absolutely love Counting Crows...their songs relate to me...Adam
Duritz's voice is so bloody good...

I dont subscribe to the mantra of 'Love at First Sight'...but
'Accidentally in Love' does sound like it could happen to anyone...even

Want me to feed you fruits after post-coital sex? :-O

What happened alrite there...i know ya not a phone
person...but u wana talk?

Well i think i'll look good in YOUR lingerie a G-String to

I understand it's the end of July...hehe im really lookin forward to
July...10 days in Melby...and a few days in the Indian
work? WHAT office work ?

Did some man frighten you again...gosh i dont see how you could be
afraid of them...most men would be intimidated by you!

Who's a lucky bastard? Me? I havnt kissed anyone for awhile

Eve-06/15/04 04:55PM >>>
ure goin on your own?
i did a book in school before, for literature.
which i slept through mostly.
it was called "walkabout"
an australian aborigine's rites of initiation.
your going solo reminded me of it.
would you come with me
when i decide to go somewhere?
i smelt your byford from here.
i usually have a smoke after post-coital.
a cigarette.
not Winky.
but either way. smirk.
i didnt smell it.
i just thought of blue underwear when i wrote about my lavender bra.
it also comes with matching knickers.
i feel like barney.
i love you you love me we are one big happy family.
nah. i dun talk. much. i like writing better.
i've got several G's to spare.
my arse may cover a continent, but i still think that you might face
some difficulty in putting my string on.
lucky bastard is the bastard who gets to bastard some kiss off of me.
future, that.
right now, i'm so celibate, i'm almost virginal.
last nite i dreamt
i asked someone to 'take me'
i cant remember whether the me in the dream meant
take me as in take me now god dammit!
or take me as in take me with you
and i cant remember
who i was talking to either.

i hope it wasnt a girl.

adrock2xander-06/15/04 05:15PM >>>

Yes im goin on my's a relatively cheap trip i reckon...puttin up at a gf of
lodgin yay!

You know i'll go if ive the'll be great to hang out with ya....the Sri Lanka trip shall
be a pre-cursor to that..

Nah i rather not smoke post-coital...i rather cuddle my partner after that...she can feed me
cigarettes and start a fire...a fire after our fire...hehe...

Barney rocks! i do a good impersonation of Barney...Sam Girl, Superman and AK love it...

Well as long as ya G-String isnt anythin like my mom's *guffaws* And no takin pictures! :)

Hey at least you had more recent sex than i do...if ya celibate and virginal...i must not even
know how a pussy looks like anymore...

Well what a pity if it was a deserve so much better...


Silly'll be fine...cant wait to see ya next month...:O

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