Monday, May 17


I refer to the Lai Yew Chan's letter on MediaCorp's TODAY dated May 17. For those who arent privy to his...or is it sorry these Asian names are so fuckin hard to remember...they all look the same to me...fuck i cant even tell your gender...get a fuckin English name already...for simplicity's sakes let's call you it..

"AS A layman, i have watched the exploding local media industry with both anticipation and apprehension.

My apprehension stemmed from the possibility of media players succumbing to the temptation of sensationalilsm at the expense of news integrity.

On the international front, we have winessed puiblications attempting to manipulate perception by presenting one-sided reports without proper verification.

In this regard i must tribute to TODAY as it has, by and large, kept faith with the principle of being the purveyor of truth.

TODAY has avoided the use of language that is peppered with hype and rhetoric.

Instead, it has - as far as possible - engaged in serious news repoting and provided a cross-sectional perspective in its content.

In their bid to chalk up sales and ratings, media players would do well to abide by the principle that not every piece of news can be reduced to entertainment.

A sensational exclusive may tantalise the unthinking mind for a momennt, but only news integrity can withstand the test if time.

I am sure the readers of TODAY can look forward to many more pages of authoritative information and informed opinions.

Lai Yew Chan"

JUSTICE!Wow is that not the most blatant and pompous arse-carrying ive read in awhile...Lai must be a fervant fan of the imcumbent political party here...ridicule and heckling from me aside...i infer that this idiot hasnt been in Singapore for a longest of seriously ignorant most Singaporeans...apathetic to the political scene here...or thinks being a fuckin 'balls-carrier' is gona get him somewhere...

First things never pays to be a balls-carrier...especially so in politically-suffocated if you are a fuckin simpleton and is easily satisfied...and spankin new residential ammenities such as a buildin facelift and sheltered walkways is your cuppa tea...then by all means cup your hands and carry XXXXXX's balls...all you have to do is succumb to the 'carrot-at-the-end-of-the-stick' gig and ya off to a great start...but a bitter end...sure you'll get mountains of new 'Economic Shares' and a favorable resume in XXXXXXX's Big Black Book...but at what cost? Think individual rights...freedom of speech...riled up citizens who're forced to compulsory 'deduction-of-two-years-of-my-life' National Service...borin citizens who conform...lack of enterprisin ppl...dearth of outspoken Singaporeans...dependance on the XXXXXXX when things look wonder foreigners' wax lyrical about Singaporeans...they just have 'so much' to write about...coz Singapore is Queer as Fuck!

It's the biggest unspoken secret that Singaporeans who oppose XXXXXXX will be worse off they'll be blacklisted and not be opportune to's bad enough that every Singaporean is tracked and monitored by XXXXXXXX...only in Singapore is our 'social security' number displayed for all to see...numbers like these are likened to brandin us like criminals...wana join a contest? Please fill in your name, age and 'social security''ve won the car? Here's your name and 'social security' number displayed in National Paper...

No wonder it's so easy for XXXXXX to track Singaporeans...2 years ago 500 Singaporeans using the imcumbent tele-communication network YYYYYYY received a word of warnin from YYYYYYYY to stop downloading porn from P2P sites such as how the fuck would XXXXXXXX know if Joe-Regular was downloadin porn or just the latest Britney Spears saucy video? It's a sign...anyone who signs up on YYYYYY would have their particulars inked into the Big MotherFucker XXXXXXXX CPU...and our every actions and deeds are traced to the very last detail...i begin to think Singapore's public housing has a video-cam installed in every room....

Secondly, TODAY is a MediaCorp paper...and for those not in the loop...MediaCorp is a XXXXXXXX company...which also means their news is censored, butchered and surgically implanted by the traditionalist XXXXXXXXX for us readers....and did not mention that it's also very rightist? If you thought USA's Fox News was bad, Singapore's MediaCorp...and just bout every media network here...just about takes the cake for right-wing aggressive is their blatant conservatism slant...and their regular bombardment of boring media that it has inevitably numbed Singaporeans' senses...forced into submission and to grovel in their own inept ability to think for themselves...need proof? Think Singapore's highest rated sitcoms Phua Chu Kang or Under One Roof...garnerin high ratings and favorable the consternation of genuine TV lovers who know their Frasiers and Everybody Loves Raymonds...

TODAY only continues the archaic way of news reporting...sensationalism or not...Singapore does not need another local watch-dog...i laugh when XXXXXXX attempts to promote Singapore as a regional arts and entertainment hub...for fuck's sake...drugs arent allowed here...the lack of a vibrant porn industry is rampant...cost of alcohol is exhorbitant...clubs have to stop spinning by productions attract paltry attendances...

Thankfully...the author Lai acts like the complete stupid git he is...and shoots himself in the foot by quotin "I am sure the readers of TODAY can look forward to many more pages of authoritative information and informed opinions." LMFAO...the irony...authoritative information in a country that filters information...

Indeed...what a good afternoon laugh...

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