Sunday, May 30


Im feelin rather melancholic now...for some reason the TV isnt music whatsoever...only sound i hear is the chirpin of the birds...this is a poem that i read whenever i think of my times it brings me to tears...reminds me of the days i cried myself to sleep...but better to love, be loved and lost than never feeling love ya?

Why did you have to break my heart?
Why did you have to tear it apart?
So this is how it finally ends
Both of us just being friends
I know that you're gone
And I'm trying to move on
I'm really trying to
But I can't get over you
I know I still love you
I know I still do
I know I still care
Even if it's not fair
I know that we didn't last
In my future, you'll just be my past
I regret ever falling in love with you
Coz crying was all you made me do
I cried for you over a thousand tears
I might still love you for a hundred years
You made my dreams come true
Because you loved me like I loved you
You made my illusions become reality
Coz you told me you'll love me for eternity
I'm wishing that all of this was true
But I know, deep inside, I'll never have you..

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