Thursday, April 8


It's official. The Association of Women for Action and Reseach (AWARE) has appointed a new President. And she works in my office.

Oh the horror. Let's call her Tina. By day Tina is a hardworkin lady who juggles the hustle and bustle of Advertisin and daily humdrum of commutin to work with a dogged determination. By night she moonlights as an avid watcher of Ally McBeal and Buffy, jottin down anti-male bias and male-bashing notes with furious intensity.

Perhaps Tina isnt always a foul-smellin, odious and sneerin positively sure she's just bout the most pleasant lady around...but let Tina go one night without 'gettin some' and all hell breaks loose...rufflin her feathers is tantamount to a sorry date that ends without a goodnight kiss.

As it still flabbergasted by Tina's audacity to mock the general male population...with the most venomous words directed with a left-wing fanatic condemnation at yours truly. You should see her rear her ugly head and bare her fangs - freaky indeed. Her criticisms was an overt attempt to criticise men...the lack of thereof and their inadequacies. Now tell and when was being a male sacrilegious? My manhood...and all males...are threatened by your very existence...and your fellow sisters.

As a strong believer in individual rights and liberties..Tina's attempt to disgrace men is a direct attack at men who are genuinely not the pacifists most women would encounter along the streets. It's an attack at individualism. Self expression is being curbed. The true gentlemen must be in sorry decline. We men are forever condemned to be borin old farts who...i quote...'turns his back when he spots a pretty babe.' or 'Every ten things he says, nine are about sex.' Any woman who believes in Tina's truly anachronistic ideas and beliefs is relegatin herself to a lifetime of spinsterhood, endless summer nights with a dildo in hand and further severin the loose ties men and women currently enjoy.

Men have been so maligned by our society that they are not taken seriously when they protest or report a sex crime against them. Not enough laws are drawn to protect men from women like Tina. With self-flagellatin women like her in the helm of things...every father would be a potential child abuser...every boy would be monitored from young...discouraged from education and relegated to house hold chores...stifled of creativity and individualism...

Im all for feminism.

But most of the male bashin we see has been downright unfair...laughable...absurd...overwrought and mostly without substance. Yes...alot of it was painful and spoke the truth...we men truly deserved it...some were difficult to understand...but we men...being the 'lesser gender'...eventually figured them out...

Given time...i hope men and women would eventually understand each other. Tina...if u read this...u must glad there's no love lost between us...i would gladly take you on in a verbal-fest...heck a mis-matched 5-vs-1 rumble would be fun you described a VIRUS MAN: "Also known as the "Husband", when you are married to him, he forgets about his promised performance and expectations. USPs become Used-to-be Selling Points. He fails warranty period, and does not come with a refund after "i do"..."

Remember that spite of all your babbles...

You are married.

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