Saturday, April 24

School of Rock

The wailing riffs of guitar echo the room as i furiously punch the buttons on my keyboard...the British outfit The Darkness has their first album out...aptly named 'Permission to Land''s been years since UK had a decent rock outfit...the last time the land of fish-n-chips churned out a genuinely great rock band...Def Leppard was the music of choice by many teens...the one time wonder-boys of the new British metal are..amazingly...still around...can anyone say "I lost my virginity to Def Leppard"?'s bout damn time The Darkness came along...the world has had enough of Guns & Roses rehash! Permission granted! Neways i digress...those sexy vocals of Justin Hawkins just glisten with delight...they remind me so much of my youth...listenin to Def's Joe Elliot doin his Animal after taking a Photograph...oh those sweet memories...

Speakin of Gun & Roses...i distinctively remember the stick i got from my schoolmates back in my teens when i made the fatal mistake of professin my love for Def Leppard over Guns & Roses...ok big mistake? Big whoop? Would "I prefer Def Leppard instead" be more appropriate?

Thankfully some of the more discerning music-loving schoolmates of mine knew their Black Sabbaths and Metallicas , and promptly backed me up with some well-thought out retorts that read 'Dude if the only rock you know is G&R you are one sad motherfucker. Also, G&R uses controversy to sell their records. Def Leppard? Oh...the drummer has one hand. Yes. So STFU.'

Well perhaps i made a meal of things...but comparin Def Leppard and G&R is like comparin ribbed condoms with flavored condoms. They both perform the same basic function - prevention of STD...but that's bout where it ends.

No doubt bout it...i adore G&R fact i simply love their songs. So many of em are laced with American street-talk innuendos...most ppl outside of a drugs-sex-and-violence culture wouldnt be able to understand some of their lyrics. Until my late teens...i have to admit i was one of em...headbanging my shoulder-length hair to lyrics that occasionally made me go wtf? LOL. Then again...the cycle always continues...teens these days dont know half the shit that's comin out of foreign countries too...take for example...Limp Bizkit's 3rd album Chocolate Starfish and the Hot-Dog Flavored Water released in 2000. Now...for the ignorants out seems just like another MTV-ish attempt by lead singer Fred Durst to garner more Carson Dalys in his circle of friends...but the moniker's just another thinly disguised attempt to scream "Hi let's take some drugs and have some wild uninhibited sex." Those poor teenagers out there...they dont know the amount of repulsive abhorence that's being bombarded by the media these days...yet they just keep lappin it up...

If only they knew...wonder what their parents have to say...

Somethin for our anachronistic Government to ponder about perhaps?

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