Friday, April 30

Room With a View

Residences at 338

My wife says i should pay more attention to her needs.

At least, that's what i thought she said when i was looking at the high-ceiling windows.

Her new outfit had gone unnoticed as the high-ceiling windows tickled his fancy a little more.

It was realised that she had to get a little more clamerous in her demands to tear his stare away from the high-ceiling windows.

Neither her workout nor her new outfit could tear his stare away.

His lack of attention to her was met with suspicions of an affair.

The real culprit: the Collapsable Sliding Door.

Playtime was interrupted by the high-ceiling windows.

She became more boisterous in her choice of bedroom wear.

When she said, "It's me or the high-ceiling windows." it was met with more stares at the high-ceiling windows.

Playtime had beomce less intriguing ever since he noticed the collapseable sliding door.

Even though her offerings were exquisite, it wasnt enough to tear him away from the high-ceiling windows.

It suddenly became apparent that the Powder Room had more to offer visually.

Playtime had suddenly become less intriguing than the Powder Room.

Beads of water running off her body had suddenly become less intoxicating than Sliding Door Panel.

She had the power to turn faithful men from their wives but not from the full-length windows.

Yet another failed attempt at distracting him from the full=length windows.

Angela was enthusiastic but Sean couldn't take his eyes off the sliding panel bedroom.

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